Practice Management Consulting

Applied Medical Systems

How do our consulting services benefit you?

Sometimes it takes an outside opinion to see flaws that are otherwise difficult to spot. Whether you think you are in great shape or whether you are in substantial fiscal or functioning pain, our practice management consultants will examine every aspect of your practice, convey our findings, and come up with the perfect remedy.

The AMS practice management consulting services can help with assessment, education and implementation so you can run a compliant, successful and profitable practice. Our on-site evaluations and recommendations will help you improve productivity, enhance collections, and minimize risk in the day-to-day operations of your practice.

Benefits of our training servicespractice management consulting

AMS offers training to your practice’s staff, so promote complete compliance in these areas:


Our Policies & Procedures

To have compliance with Federal and State regulations, up-to-date policies are an indispensable part of your practice.

Benefits of our Practice Management Services

AMS offers practice management services related to these areas:

  • Starting/Moving/Closing Your Practice

  • Front Office- Telephones, Appointments, Patient Flow

  • Billing Office- Coding, Appeals, Accounts Receivable

  • Back Office- Documentation, Patient Flow

  • Medical Chart Audit

  • HIPAA Privacy/Security

After our initial visit and analysis by one of our practice management consultants, we will meet with you to discuss our findings. Some may be exactly spot on with your concerns, while others may not have been on your radar. Together, we will comb through every detail, small and large, and formulate a plan. AMS has the expertise to not only make suggestions, but offers solutions to achieving the goals your practice sets.

Just like when you treat a patient, you have to be able to see beyond the symptoms and address the disease. Our medical practice management consultants have the education and skill to identify the cause of the difficulties.

Our 25 years of experience guarantees that we can handle all the daily duties of your practice. Why not “profit from our experience”? We are experts in Medical Practice Management — we understand your specific business challenges and those you personally face. We excel at creating customized solutions, and are eager to take on smaller engagements that can make a big impact — Applied Medical Services solutions are cost effective and provide immediate and sustainable ROI.