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AMS EHR Integration

AMS works with a variety of Electronic Health Records (EHR) vendors and will do whatever it takes to provide fluid EHR integration with your current system. If your EHR can create a file for us to work with (HL7, CSV, etc.) we can make it work. Interfaces can range from simple solutions that output patient demographics to complete bi-directional integrations that keep all billing data in sync between the two systems. No solution is too big, or too small, for us to make happen.

Our goal is to make your billing, health records and coding information one fluid management system. Whether you are a physician at a smaller private practice or on the management team of a hospital system, we want to be there to help provide you with EHR integration that will suit your needs. At AMS, we realize that different medical teams and providers have different specifications and requirements when dealing with EHR integration. That is why AMS provides the ability to integrate with many different EHR systems and medical technology.EHR integration

Technology in the Medical Practice

The sheer amount of technology involved in running a medical practice can be overwhelming. From check-in to check-out information is collected, analyzed, and passed from one system to another. All of this information is important to run a practice, whether it is patient vital signs or patient insurance information, and it is equally important that the right systems are chosen to manage this information.

In particular, choosing an EHR can be a very complicated decision that must take many things into consideration such as your current workflow, your comfort level with technology, and whether you want one system to do everything or multiple systems that work together. The important thing is that you choose the system that works best for you. If the system you choose has a capable and efficient billing component, great! If it doesn’t have a billing component, or has one that does more harm than good, AMS can help. AMS integrates with many different EHRs and can point you in the right direction of an EHR that fits your medical management needs.

Here are some of the EHRs that we currently integrate with:

In addition, here are some EHRs that we can bill from directly:

Benefits of EHR Integration

EHR integration can alleviate a lot of responsibility that otherwise would have to be focused on management tasks. Medical management teams as well as physicians, themselves, won’t have to waste man-hours on management tasks that used to take attention away from other important matters. Medical management teams are made more efficient and can focus more time on providing excellent patient services. Physicians don’t have to worry about the billing paperwork piling up and can go back to providing quality healthcare to their patients.

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