Applied Medical Systems

Why AMS?

The average physician spends 20 hours per week on insurance-related administrative tasks. Physicians spend almost half their day outside of the exam room, often working on documentation and follow-up. Chances are you didn’t spend years and thousands of dollars on becoming a physician to spend half of your time on tasks like billing and practice management.

You probably realize that you need help. But it’s hard to imagine turning your practice over to just anyone. That’s where Applied Medical Systems (AMS) comes in. We’re not “just anyone.” We’re an experienced and caring team of specialists who want to work closely with you to make sure your practice not only survives but thrives.

Why Choose AMS as Your Medical Billing and Coding Partner?

After serving healthcare practices for more than 30 years, there must be at least one reason why clients continue to choose AMS. We can think of seven:

  1. Experience: Over 35 years of evolving with the ever-changing medical industry. Enough said!
  2. Flexibility: Fluent in multiple EHRs, including eClinical, Kareo, Practice Fusion, and iPatientCare.
  3. Certification: Coders, auditors, and trainers all hold AAPC certifications.
  4. Results: Days in A/R, clean claims rate, etc. We’ll go up against your current stats… and win!
  5. Relationships: Put us on speed dial. Your experienced and dedicated liaison will be there for any questions or concerns from anyone in your office.
  6. Patient Support: Put out phone numbers on your billing statements. Our courteous team of billing specialists is standing by!
  7. Compliance: A culture of compliance that helps to protect you and your practice.

Learn More

At Applied Medical Systems, we’re more than just a billing company. We are an extension of your practice that takes care of the things that can eat up your time. Our team members all have one primary goal: to help you spend more time on what truly matters: patient care.

Meet the AMS team to learn more about our individual backgrounds and experience.