Applied Medical Systems

When and where was Applied Medical Systems established?

Applied Medical Systems was established in 1979  by Dr. Ronald McLear, an Emergency Medicine physician. We are fittingly located in “The City of Medicine” – Durham, North Carolina.
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What services does Applied Medical Systems provide?

Applied Medical Systems provides medical billing services, coding, practice management, and consulting services to start-up practices, hospitals, private practices, and emergency physician groups. Read more about our services >

Why Applied Medical Systems?

We utilize the latest in technology-driven solutions to produce cleaner medical claims, less medical denials, and improve medical collections. As a result, we’ve helped medical providers and medical practices across the U.S. to maximize collections, optimize compliance and streamline operations in order to:
  • Increase Profitability
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Increase Compliance

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Can Applied Medical Systems work with companies in all states?

Yes. We’ve had documented success working with clients in many states. AMS is fully staffed and capable of working with hospitals, private practices, and emergency physician groups across the nation.

What size clients do you typically work with?

Any size. We use a combination of staff and technology to handle organizations with any number of patient visits. We have extensive knowledge of the challenges that plague organizations of all sizes. Our experienced team and technology solutions are customized to exceed each client’s needs.

Are your services available a la carte or do I have to use them all?

Our services are integrated, yet each service can be delivered as a stand-alone offering.

Do you service any specific specialties?

We have experience in many different specialties including, but not limited to: emergency medicine, internal medicine, endocrinology, geriatric medicine, primary care, OB-GYN, orthopedics, GI surgery, urology, podiatry, urgent care, optometry, ophthalmology, plastic and reconstructive surgery and pediatrics.

Why should I outsource practice management, medical billing services, etc.?

Outsourcing will allow you to focus on what’s most important…..patient care!  And if that’s not reason enough, here’s ten more:

  1. Reduce employee-related expenses (no salaries, benefits, workers comp, employer taxes, office supplies, equipment, furniture, etc.)
  2. No interruption in cash-flow due to staff turnover, vacations and sick time
  3. Advantage of having a team of proficient, industry experts – without the high-priced salaries
  4. Increase percentage of paid claims
  5. Reduce write-offs
  6. Control billing costs
  7. Improve patient satisfaction levels
  8. Maintain compliance amidst ever-changing regulations
  9. Optimize coding to get paid timely and appropriately
  10. Access to the latest technology without the overhead

What do all these benefits result in? Higher Profits! After all, that is the ultimate goal; to make you more money, faster and easier.

How can outsourcing practice management reduce my administrative hassles?

The performance of the medical office is highly based on the individual performance of its medical staff. This makes managing, measuring and evaluating absolutely critical. Add to that the costs and issues of staff turnover, attendance, maintaining a competitive compensation and benefit package, continual training and staff relations management. Outsourcing takes care of all, or a good portion, of that hassle so you can take that off your already full schedule.

How do I know that Applied Medical Systems is doing a good job?

You have full access to our Client Driven Reporting to run reports at any time. Hundreds of reports are available, with drill down capabilities, that paint an excellent picture of your progress.  Additionally, AMS gives you full, real-time access to the billing system to check patient accounts at your convenience. Managers are always available to discuss your account and our Client Relations Director schedules regular visits with you to review your account in detail. We can also provide customized reports to your specific needs — just ask!

How does AMS price for billing services and are there any start-up fees?

Our philosophy has always been to provide the highest quality services at competitive prices.  Since we only use experienced and highly skilled personnel and our processes are performed entirely within the United States, we realize that we will not always be the cheapest vendor under consideration. However, we believe that the quality of the work gives testimony that our clients appreciate our value proposition. Additionally, our technologies are continuously updated based upon changes in industry mandates such as Compliance, 5010, HIPAA, HITECH, CPT and ICD.  We provide our clients with these standard-setting, hands-on service levels and world class technologies.

AMS pricing is typically based on a percent of net collections. If AMS doesn’t work hard for you, you don’t pay. When provided, the following parameters impact the computation of AMS pricing:

  •  Location of practice
  •  Specialty
  •  Financial mix
  •  Volume of patients, charges, collections for previous 12 months
  •  Documentation method

If providing the above information is too cumbersome, we can charge you on a flat per claim basis or a standard percentage basis, specialty specific. Beware of the one price fits all percent of net collections. Why should you subsidize your neighbors billing costs? We price specific to each provider.

There are no start-up costs. A charge for programming to build an HL7 interface from your EHR to our billing system may be involved. That will depend on your software vendor and we will split that cost with you! Having an interface will expedite getting your billing information into our system.

What is included in the price?

Our price includes scheduling software, basic coding review, documentation feedback (if possible), 800 number patient support line, statements on a cycle basis, postage, clearinghouse fees, customer support, insurance follow-up, data entry, insurance denial resolution and appeals, fee schedule updates, deposit preparation, monthly reports and the peace of mind that we are dedicated to you and your patient’s satisfaction.

How soon can I get started and what does AMS need in order to get started?

We can get started as soon as a signed contract and business associate agreement are in place. You will also need to provide us with the necessary information to load your practice information into our billing system.

Do you carry Errors & Omissions Insurance and are you bonded?

Yes and Yes!

Do you have a compliance plan?

Yes. Did you know that the Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued compliance guidance to third party billing companies in 1998? The OIG issued compliance guidance to individual and small group physician practices in 2000. If you don’t know what that guidance says, we are here to help. AMS has had an active compliance plan since 1998.

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