Medical Management Results

Applied Medical Systems

It’s easy for us to say that we are good at what we do, but if you don’t take our word for it then read what our clients have to say about AMS medical management:

“When I opened my practice in 2007, I did not know anything about practice management or billing.  Applied Medical Systems was able to help me get my practice going without any headaches for me. AMS employs certified medical coders who are well-trained and know how to get the most reimbursement for my practice. They helped me learn how to document thoroughly and code properly. Their fee schedule ensures that they are interested in the financial success of my practice, and I don’t have to worry about following behind a biller to make sure that things are getting paid in a timely fashion and at the appropriate level. In addition to billing services, AMS offers HR support and credentialing services. Taking advantage of these additional services on an as-needed basis has saved me money and time. I would recommend AMS to any physician looking to simplify office life and maximize income.”

—  Dr. Darla Gallentine, The Pediatric Express 

“Applied Medical Systems has provided an excellent service. Responsive to our changing needs efficient, helpful and pleasant, you also produce the results that are so important to our departments. Medicine is a forever changing field with agencies like Applied Medical Systems looking to help doctors make their lives easier. We couldn’t have cleaned up our backlog without you. I especially appreciate your willingness to assume additional workloads.”
— Sue Greenberg, Director of Health Information Management for Durham Regional Hospital

“Applied Medical Systems has offered us a comprehensive, reliable means of taking care of the business and administrative end or our practice. Communication is outstanding, and feedback to questions and ideas is all but instantaneous. Their services have only improved over the years, and represent a great reason for the success of our practice.”
— Dr. Edward LaMay, Durham Emergency Physicians

“Through 17 years these companies have handled our billing, reimbursement and practice management tasks with outstanding results.”
— Dr. Paul Wiegand

“In the time that we have been their clients, Applied Medical Systems has provided an excellent service for our emergency department.” . . . “They place a high value on time effectiveness as well as accomplishing a high degree of consistent accuracy.”
— Dianne Tadlock, Manager of Charge Processing for Private Diagnostic Clinic at Duke University Medical Center

AMS has provided these clients with medical management solutions that have yielded results for their practices. For more information on all of AMS service options and medical management solutions contact us at our Durham, NC office.