Electronic Health Records on your Watch?!

by Applied Medical Systems

Imagine the headache of keeping track of patient medical records. It used to be all paper, then it moved to computer files and paper, now electronic health records (EHR) have made it possible for everything to be digital. Now it is even possible for doctors to gain access to EHR information directly on their wrists.

EHRs and the Apple Watch

The startup technology company Drchrono Inc. has made it possible to integrate the Apple Watch with their EHR system. This new technology could make doctors day to day operations and patient care significantly more efficient. Instead of having to remember where patient’s files are or find them on the computer, doctors can get a friendly reminder of their next patient’s appointment on their Apple Watch. Drchrono has developed a health records app that is already available on the iPad and the iPhone. They are now making it compatible for the Apple Watch as well.


The capabilities of the EHR app on the Apple Watch will, no doubt, be limited. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Drchrono founders are more concerned with how the app will function across all platforms. Chief Executive Michael Nusimow of Drchrono emphasized that doctors will not be reviewing x-rays and detailed medical imaging on the small screen of the Apple Watch. He explained that the functions and capabilities of the EHR app would be limited as the platform used to run the app gets smaller. However, he believes it is about how the technology can be used across all these technology platforms when they are synced together. The app’s functionality on the watch includes reminding patients of appointments, notifying doctors that a patient is waiting and providing a quick easy messaging platform between patient and doctor.

Implications for Medical Practices

The fluid integration of EHRs across different technological devices, including the Apple Watch, can significantly benefit medical practices. Physicians have a lot of responsibilities throughout the day, and it can get out of hand fast. EHRs available by touch on devices you can carry with you or that are literally attached to you can help doctors stay on schedule. Applied Medical Systems is a professional medical billing and coding company that specializes in the integration of EHR systems to help medical practices operate at maximum efficiency. Our team is dedicated to staying on top of the latest medical technology, and implementing that technology into our practice management services. To learn more about how fluid EHR integration can benefit your practice, contact us at our Durham, NC office.