Value Add Services, What are the Benefits?

by Applied Medical Systems

What is a Value Add Service?

A value add service, by definition, is when you take a homogenous product or service and enhance it with more features or benefits. A simple example of this would be providing a car-buyer with a 10-year warranty. These extra benefits differentiate companies, brands, products, and services in the eyes of the consumers, helping them make better purchase decisions. Our services at Applied Medical Systems happen to help you add value to your medical practice.

Medical Billing, Coding, and Practice Management as a Value Add Service

Think as if you were your ultimate consumer, the patient. What does the patient see of your practice? Not much. They see a nurse, a doctor, a receptionist, a waiting room, and a patient room. That’s about it. Based on that small sample, how can they possibly judge how good your practice is? How can we show them that the entire process is running smoothly from start to finish? We know how much goes on behind the scenes, but they don’t.

Logistics Value Add Services

By minimizing time consuming tasks and streamlining those techniques, Applied Medical Systems can decrease monthly overhead and increase efficiency. AMS can help reduce money spent on labor costs, transcription costs, paper and office space. Here are some value add services AMS can provide your practice: Profitability and overhead management Productivity, practice capacity and staffing Accounts receivable management and collections Contracted payer review Transcription Process flow and assessment Credentialing Contract negotiations Policy/procedure development – billing, front office, clinical office, OSHA requirements HIPAA compliance implementation Human resource management Scheduling for optimal reimbursement Coding and chart analysis  

Make the Patients Feel

Simply put, make the patients feel as if the practice is running smoothly. How is this done? One such way is outsourcing your medical billing, coding, and practice management. By letting experts take care of the non-medical services you provide (the ones the patient doesn’t see), you can take care of the medical services you provide (the ones the patient has a direct interaction with). If you cut down their wait time in the waiting room, spend more time with them in the patient room without acting stressed or rushed, decrease billing errors and get them out the door quicker, the patient will feel the expertise throughout your entire operation. That’s how these are value add services. It may be less intuitive compared to the car warranty example, but it is still highly relevant. Let us add value to your practice. Your patients will feel a difference. For more information on our value add services, contact us at our Durham, NC location.