New Year's Resolutions For Practice Management Coaches (Part I)

by Applied Medical Systems

New Year’s resolutions can fall on a spectrum, ranging from tried and true to taboo. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, you can often find valuable insight and information— especially when speaking with two founding members of the AMS Practice Management Coaching Program. 

Sunni Nelson is a Certified Professional Coder and one of the co-founders of the AMS Practice Management Coaching program. Sunni’s background is in optometric practice management. Natalie Glancy is another one of the co-founders of the AMS Practice Management Coaching program. Boasting over 20 years of experience in the optometric field, her clear and confident communication allows her to share her extensive knowledge with her clients. 

Practice Management New Year’s Resolutions

At Applied Medical Systems, we sat down to talk with two of our experts, Natalie and Sunni, to get insight on their New Year's Resolutions for 2024. In fact, we gathered so much information we had to split it into two parts!

1. What is your number one New Year's Resolution as a Practice Management Coach?

Natalie G.

My number one New Year's resolution is to reach more offices and practices and to coach them through our practice management coaching program. That's my goal— to reach as many practices as we can reach because every practice needs it.

Another goal is to create more workshops. We do love the opportunity to come to an office and do in-person training, which we think works best. But, we do have some workshops that are available to do over Zoom. And we would love to do more of those and expand our library of those workshops.

Sunni N.

I would like to see us go deeper into our training, expand what we have to offer, and just continue improving that training and offering more options. Right now, we can do front desk, optical, practice management, and billing. I would like to see us really perfect those, get in those offices, and spread the word.

2. What motivates you to enhance your skills and communication with clients on an annual basis?

Natalie G.

If you know me personally, I don't personally set New Year's resolutions, but I always have goals. I just feel like having goals is something that you should work on throughout the year. One of the things that I really like to continuously work on is my communication with my clients and to build bonds with my clients through communication. I just feel like it should always be a goal, or it should always be something that you work on. And not necessarily just at the beginning of the year.

Sunni N. 

I think it's important to keep focus year-round, too. But, I am a personal believer that the first of the new year is a good time to reset and reflect on what you did last year, where you could improve, and what you could do better. And use that time to just really focus and set those goals. And while you do need to keep that focus throughout the year, [the new year] is a good time to do that.

3. What are some goals for AMS’s Practice Management Coaching Program in 2024?

Natalie G.

Our scope, which we have mainly been focused on, is optometry, which we love. We both have optometry backgrounds. But we would love to expand that scope to other specialties.

Sunni N.

We both feel like we have a lot of knowledge, and we love to share that knowledge. And we're both really passionate about sharing what we've learned throughout our years of experience, and what works, what doesn't work. And we just really want to get that information out there. And there are so many offices that we see that the employees are lost, they're not given the training they need. They're not given the tools and the information they need. And it's really easy to teach them and share what we know and get that there.

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