5 Reasons it is a Good Idea to Outsource Your Medical Billing

by Applied Medical Systems

The Benefits of Outsourced Medical Billing

Winter is coming and with the change of season brings sneezing, coughing, and runny noses. Your medical practice is bound to increase in the number of patients coming in for sick visits. Now is the time for you to outsource medical billing so there will be one less task for your team to handle. 

1. Save Money

When medical billing is outsourced a company saves money on monthly salaries and benefits that would normally be used for an in-house billing department. The amount of money required for an outsourced medical billing company is usually less than what it would cost to pay an employee in-house. Outsourcing your medical billing can also cut equipment and software costs needed to perform the medical billing job correctly. 

2. Transparency

A common misconception with outsourced billing is that the practice loses control of billing patients. This is false. When you outsource your medical billing you actually gain greater control and transparency. You can access compiled data and see where the process is at any time. Anytime you want to know how your practice is performing, all it takes is a quick login and you can see exactly where your practice stands. 

3. Collect More Money and Improve Cash Flow

Medical billing in-house can often slide down on the list of priorities when patients have urgent needs and requests. Ultimately, this slows down the billing process. When you outsource your billing, you can rest assured that billing will remain the top priority. This will keep the job constantly moving in an effective and efficient manner. This efficiency leads to a quicker payment, and more money for your practice. 

4. Focus on What Your Employees Do Best

When you hire an outsourced medical billing system you allow your employees to focus on what they were hired to do - take care of patients. By giving the responsibility of medical billing to someone other than your staff allows them to focus on their patients. Doctors are pulled in various different directions throughout the workday and don’t have the time to fill out paperwork and go back and forth between insurance companies. Allow your practice’s team to put the patients first and leave the billing to us. 

5. Eliminate Error

Billing companies are highly trained and prioritize accuracy which minimizes mistakes. When you bill in-house, it is an additional responsibility to train your staff members which requires time, patience, and a large margin for error. Billing companies are equipped with the equipment and knowledge to make sure bills and claims are submitted at a timely speed. In the end, this decreases the number of denied or rejected claims.  

Contact Applied Medical Billing Systems

Now is the take to make the switch to outsourcing your medical billing. Allow your employees to focus on their main job looking after patients. Applied Medical Systems is HIPAA compliant and affordable, can provide you with references, is capable of seamlessly integrating with your EHR or EMR, and will not take ownership of your billing data. To learn more about why we’ve been rated one of the top medical billing companies, call us at 919-477-5152 or fill out our online contact form.