Medical Billing Compliance: Do’s and Don’ts

by Applied Medical Systems

Let’s be honest. Medical billing compliance can be complicated. The good news, however, is that a reputable medical billing company such as Applied Medical Systems can handle all of your medical billing needs so you can spend more time providing your patients with the highest quality of care. Here at Applied Medical Systems, we take great pride in making medical billing compliance our top priority. We do so by adhering to the following important do’s and don’ts. Do’s Do Pre-Screen and Verify Eligibility It’s vital for medical organizations to pre-screen and verify eligibility for their patients. By knowing what is covered by their insurance and what is not, you’ll reduce your chances of ending up with a patient and insurer who simply won’t pay. Outsourcing medical billing is a wise way to ensure that all pre-screening and eligibility verification is handled in a timely and professional manner. Do Double Check Medical Billing The simplest way to be compliant and avoid claim errors is to have a system in place to catch them before they are submitted.  Although human error is bound to happen every now and then, using technology (claims scrubbing, rules engines, etc.) can drastically reduce your chance of denials. By outsourcing medical billing to a reputable company like Applied Medical Systems, you can ensure all claims are as “clean” as they can be before they are submitted. Do Hire Experienced Professionals As stated, medical billing compliance is complex. Therefore, you should only trust experienced professionals with your medical billing needs. At Applied Medical Systems, we are selective in the medical billers we hire and only bring those who are highly trained and experienced onto our team. Don’ts Don’t Stress About Denials If you follow all of our do’s, you’ll significantly reduce your chances of claim denials. However, despite an almost perfect medical billing compliance process, claims denials may arise sometimes. In the event some of your claims do get denied, allow a medical billing company to take the time to sort out the problems in a timely fashion and get your claims approved. Don’t Assume an In-House Medical Billing Team is the Way to Go There’s a reason outsourcing medical billing has become popular in recent years. It allows all types of medical organizations to enjoy more compliance, more profitability, and more efficiency. Rather than dealing with the expense and headaches that often comes with an in-house medical billing team, let an experienced medical billing company like Applied Medical Systems handle this task. Contact Applied Medical Systems Are you interested in learning more about how Applied Medical Systems can assist with your medical billing compliance? If so, contact us today.