What Medical Billing Companies Can Do for You

by Applied Medical Systems

You chose medicine as a career because you wanted to help people and of course, earn a living. In medical school you learned all that you needed to know to be able to diagnose your patient’s health problems and formulate a treatment plan that would heal them. When you graduated you were certain that you could make a difference in people’s lives. What you didn’t learn in medical school was the administrative side of medicine; medical billing, medical coding, dealing with insurance companies, medical groups, etc.

 Taking Control Over Your Medical Billing Practices

Most physicians find that the administrative tasks involved in running a practice can be overwhelming and detract from time that can be spent on their patients. A receptionist isn’t sufficient because you need a professional to be able to wind your way through the various laws, regulations and insurance company requirements, not to mention the complexity that medical coding has become. Handling medical billing is practically a job in and of itself and if it isn’t done correctly, or on a timely basis, it will adversely affect your revenue stream. As your practice grows, so does your volume, and with it an increase in the administrative tasks that already monopolize your time. But it doesn’t have to be this way. One small change in the way you do business and you can go back to what you want to do, heal people.

Going Beyond What a Receptionist Can Offer

Here’s where a medical billing service can help you. When you outsource your medical billing to a professional service, there are several advantages that you will notice right away. If your receptionist was handling the billing before, he or she will have more time to spend getting to know the patients and making them feel welcome in your office. Your bills will be submitted promptly which will mean a faster turnaround on insurance payments. You will notice less errors in coding which will result in more services being covered and less time fighting with the insurance companies about just what the procedure really is and why it’s necessary. This will inevitably result in less stress for you, your office and your patients. Contact us today and we will give you a free consultation so you can see what we can do for you. Applied Medical Systems started in 1979 as an emergency medicine billing company in Durham, North Carolina. Let us show you how our years of experience can help you.