ICD 10 and Medical Practice Management

by Applied Medical Systems

What will tomorrow hold? In the healthcare industry, this answer could continually change. As we graduate from ICD-9 to ICD-10 so much seems uncertain. Everyone is walking on pins and needles trying to figure out which end is up as well as trying to determine how to give patients the level of care that they desire while handling the ins and outs of medical practice management. It is certainly not easy and there is no cut and dry answer for every practice. Keeping the Focus on the Patients Healthcare has been and always will be about the patients. It is about those that walk through your door looking for answers to their illnesses or ways to prevent certain illnesses. It is about showing compassionate care to these patients that look to you for their well-being. It is the details behind this care that has caused such commotion and will continue to do so as we get closer to the transition to ICD-10 and the dramatic changes it will make to medical billing, as we know it. A Multitude of Changes One thing is certain, there will be many changes that take place with the adoption of ICD-10. These are changes that many practices are not equipped to handle. With an increase in the need for technology, training and simply more hours in the day, ICD-10 could prove to be a paperwork nightmare for many practices. It is these practices, whether large or small, that would benefit from outsourcing their medical practice management to a company that is well versed in all aspects of managing a medical office. Why overwhelm your current employees or hire an onslaught of all new employees just to create more chaos in the office? A Lot to Learn There will be a lot to learn not just for the office staff, but the providers as well. With more requirements for documentation and a more difficult medical coding system, there is much more room for mistakes, denials, decreased collections and the resulting headaches. There will be issues with payments, backlogs, and plenty of questions that, if not handled in a timely manner, could mean a serious delay in cash flows for medical practices. Applied Medical Systems understands the ins and outs of ICD-10 and is ready to handle it with complete accuracy. We have provided our services in medical coding, billing, and medical practice management for more than 30 years with immeasurable success. We offer solutions that cannot be found anywhere else, helping you to take your medical practice to the next level without the worry of what ICD-10 will do to you and your practice.