Applied Medical Systems

Applied Medical Systems was started in 1979 as an emergency medicine billing company in Durham, North Carolina. Today we provide billing, coding, practice management, and consulting services to clients across the U.S.; including hospitals, private practices and emergency department physician groups. More than 30 years later our team of experienced professionals still handles all our clients’ needs directly from our office in Durham. That means no overseas interests or outsourced services. Only hands-on attention from our U.S. based industry veterans. For this reason, AMS has chosen to remain a private, medium-sized firm which invests in leading technologies and experienced billing solution specialists to streamline, yet personalize, the services we provide.

Since AMS’ inception, we have witnessed a lot of change within the healthcare industry. Some good. Some bad. But none more daunting than the current challenges physicians face. Healthcare reform, mounting profitability concerns, new patient expectations, and increasing regulations; keeping up with it all can be overwhelming to say the least. That’s why we require all our staff members to complete a minimum of two hours of continuing education each month to stay current on industry changes that impact your revenue – so you don’t have to. Despite a constantly changing industry, there’s one thing you can always rely on; the fact that AMS will remain true to our commitment to our clients and our company. Our desire to find a solution to meet every client’s unique needs is sincere, and is forever ingrained in our company culture. Helping make our clients’ lives easier isn’t our job, it’s our passion. Why AMS >