The Future of Optometry

by Applied Medical Systems

Due to increasing competition, online retailers, and new technology, the future of optometry is constantly questioned. While some optometrists are optimistic about the field and enjoy the challenges they are facing and will continue to face in the future of optometry, others are worried and unsure of what to do. Let’s take a closer look at what some optometrists have to say about the future of their profession.

Emotional Attachment Cannot Be Replaced

Optometrists connect with their patients on an emotional level. This can never be replaced by a machine, app, robot, or another piece of technology. Patients will always seek one-on-one interaction and a strong patient-doctor relationship.

Younger Optometrists Will Learn From Veteran Optometrists

By connecting with veteran optometrists who have practiced for decades, younger optometrists will learn from the experience of doctors who have been in the field for decades and may be able to take over their practice when they transition out of care.

Technology Can Strengthen Practices

Optometrists need to be open to changing the way their practices operate by taking advantage of the new technologies available. These technologies should be viewed as a tool to strengthen their practices and improve patient care.

New and Upcoming Optometrists are Creative

One of the greatest strengths of new and upcoming optometrists is that they are creative. Rather than sitting back and saying, “this works well”, they are always looking for ways to improve the way they serve their patients. Veteran optometrists will need to learn from these new and upcoming optometrists and mimic their creativity and desire to come up with innovative ways to make optometry more efficient.

Outsourcing Coding and Billing Will Become the New Normal

In the past, many optometry practices have decided to keep their optometry coding and billing in-house. Now that optometrists have to keep up with this ever-evolving field and learn new technologies, they will have less time to manage an in-house team of medical coders and billers. Therefore, outsourcing coding and billing services to a reputable provider like Applied Medical Systems will become the new normal. With our services, optometry practices will be able to ensure that they aren’t losing money and can place their efforts on providing their patients with the most advanced level of care.

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