Problems Facing Optometric Billing

by Applied Medical Systems

Problems Facing Optometric Billing Optometrists throughout the United States have noted that they are experiencing issues with optometric billing. Fortunately, they have also reported some good news. Fifty six percent of them stated that they enjoyed an increase in eye exams, which is proof that more patients are visiting optometrists for their annual eye exams. In addition, many optometrists have lowered their lab fees, improving the success of their practices. Now that we understand the good news, let’s take a closer look at some of the challenges these optometrists are currently struggling with. Lower Reimbursements Eighty percent of optometrist responders stated that the low reimbursements they faced on eye exams and materials was their most significant obstacle in 2016. Although these low reimbursements didn’t surprise them, they did confirm that many vision plans are inhibiting their profits. Since this is happening, many optometrists are forced to alter the way they run their practice. They are seeing more patients in a day but still have less money available to hire and train staff, buy new equipment, and upgrade their current software. If you are an optometrist who can relate to this, you should make every effort to talk to your patients and encourage them to reach out to the person who makes the employee benefits decision at the companies where they work. This way, you can increase your chances of ensuring your patients are on a vision plan that will reimburse you for exams and materials. Keep in mind that if most optometrists are not accepting a certain vision insurance plan, companies will be less likely to select it. With a bit of outreach, you can make a positive difference in your earnings. Costly Materials From Sales Representatives Seventy eight percent of optometrist responders made it clear that their priority for 2017 is to boost their revenues. If you are an optometrist with this same priority, you should avoid accepting free lunches from sales representatives. Because let's face it, these lunches are not really free. By not accepting handouts from sales representatives, you are less likely to overpay for your materials and enjoy increased revenue as a result. Ask yourself what’s more important to you: free sandwiches and donuts or a more successful practice. Contact Applied Medical Systems Today If you’d like to improve the success of your optometry practice, it is in your best interest to contact Applied Medical Systems today. We’ll be happy to educate you on how we can play a major role in increasing your 2017 revenue by helping you with optometric billing. Call us at 919-477-5152 or fill out our online contact form.