Michelle Durner Elected to HBMA Board

by Applied Medical Systems

Press Release: HBMA Elects Durner to Board of Directors

Healthcare Billing and Management Association (HBMA) members have elected Applied Medical System's president Michelle Durner to the HBMA Board of Directors. Durner was elected to serve a three year term that began on January 1, 2015. The HBMA Nominations Committee selected Durner as one of four candidates in the election. All members of HBMA then voted and winners were announced at the HBMA Fall National Conference in Las Vegas that was held September 14-16, 2014.

What does HBMA do?

HBMA was formed in 1993 to provide a forum of individuals who are dedicated to providing resources and producing a collective effort towards maintaining a professional image in the medical community. Today, HBMA members represent 80% of billing claims submitted by third party billing companies. HBMA membership consists of 30,000 employees of well over 600 companies. These members manage claims and provide other practice management solutions to physicians in hospitals, private practices and other healthcare institutions. HBMA is focused on providing information and education to medical billing companies, assuring that they are fully prepared for technological transitions and improvements in healthcare billing and management.

HBMA Board of Directors

The HBMA Board of Directors is responsible for governing, supervising and controlling the affairs of the association. The board also establishes the association's policies and programs. Directors work with the president, executive committee, other board members and the HBMA national office staff to accomplish the association's goals. The board meets annually at HBMA national meetings, as well as monthly on conference call.

Healthcare Billing and Management Education

Durner also serves as the Co-Chair of the HBMA Education Committee. Her knowledge of the industry is transferred through education provided to HBMA members to help them stay on the cutting edge of requirements and changes happening due to healthcare reform.