Why Outsource Medical Billing?

by Applied Medical Systems

Your private medical practice has probably considered outsourcing medical billing at some point in time. Covering medical billing in-house can take up your valuable time dealing with insurance companies and attempting to comply with HIPAA requirements. These time-constraints can also affect your practice’s profits. Smaller practices in particular are bogged down with increasingly complicated medical billing process. Outsourcing may be your answer and we have some good reasons why.

Your Questions about Outsourcing Medical Billing

Ask yourself questions about outsourcing. We understand that you have more questions than just the cost. You want to know as much as you can about the medical billing company, their history and beliefs, and their experience. Questions such as...
  • What are you paying for? What does the price include?
  • What certifications does a medical billing company hold?
  • What trade associations are they active with?
  • Do they have references?
  • What is their philosophy on helping patients?
  • Will they bill off your practice management system or theirs?
We recommend speaking with a representative about your questions and concerns. A medical billing company should be able to provide answers to all of the above questions and more. A high quality billing partner will be more than willing to give you what your practice needs to make an informed decision. This includes information about their experience, proof of their dedication, and clear-cut details on the logistics of outsourcing, including the price makeup and exact billing information.

Why Choose Applied Medical Systems?

At Applied Medical Systems, we go above and beyond for clients and have been caring for the health of medical practices since 1979. It is hard to hand over these responsibilities to someone else. To make this decision easier, here are some of the benefits of choosing Applied Medical Systems for your billing needs:
  • Certified and expert staff.
Our practice management consultants have over 50 years of combined experience in almost every area of practice administration. This means you will get the benefit of comprehensive expertise without overpaying for an internal team of specialists at your practice. All AMS coders are certified through the American Academy of Professional Coders.
  • Continuous education.
To keep up-to-date with the healthcare industry, we invest at least 2 hours a month for each employee’s ongoing education. We also encourage our staff members to participate in education assistance programs and obtain billing and coding certifications.
  • A culture of compliance.
At our company, we strive to create a culture of compliance, meaning we strengthen our compliance and reduce your risk. Our staff members go through a comprehensive compliance program, ongoing compliance training, risk assessments, monitoring and auditing, and corrective actions.
  • Training in other areas besides medical billing.
These areas include: medical coding and auditing, medical practice management, payroll, ICD-10 implementation, and bookkeeping.

Request a Free Consultation

If your practice is considering outsourcing medical billing, especially in lieu of the upcoming ICD-10 transition, feel free to contact Applied Medical Systems. Our representatives will be happy to discuss your questions and get to know your specific practice.