Value Add Services

Applied Medical Systems

How do these services benefit my practice?

It’s more difficult than ever to operate a lucrative medical practice – reimbursements are decreasing while overhead is increasing, insurance companies are becoming progressively difficult to deal with, and yet doctors are working harder than ever. With little that can be done to change this, the best resolution for medical practices is to acclimate. Our value add services can help with the acclimation process.

  In using current technology to systematize as many time-consuming and monotonous tasks in the practice as possible, doctors can ease monthly overhead and enjoy amplified revenue, decreased stress, and more time to focus on patient care. By utilizing a physician practice management service, physician billing service, or medical coding company, you can reduce expenses from labor, transcription costs, paper, and supplies – as well as the time, money, and square footage of office space lost due to paper charts.

By implementing a quality EHR and practice management company, these values add services allow doctors to streamline front and back office administrative functions as well as save time and money otherwise consumed by charting.

Applied Medical Systems offers these practice management remedies:

  • Profitability and overhead management

  • Productivity, practice capacity and staffing

  • Accounts receivable management and collections

  • Contracted payer review

  • Transcription

  • Process flow and assessment

  • Credentialing

  • Contract negotiations

  • Policy/procedure development – billing, front office, clinical office, OSHA requirements

  • HIPAA compliance implementation

  • Human resource management

  • Scheduling for optimal reimbursement

  • Coding and chart analysis

Another way physicians can save money on overhead is by outsourcing billing to a medical billing service. With electronic medical billing services, practices can enjoy increased accuracy and complete management of the entire collection process while maintaining visibility and control over their billing. Billing experts utilize coding technologies to reduce errors, re-bill, and handle all patient correspondences – and unlike a traditional hard-copy billing service, billing records, statements, and information managed by the company are always available for the physician’s assessment.

Applied Medical Systems has been caring for the health of practices for more than 30 years by providing billing, coding and practice management solutions to various healthcare specialties across the U.S.; including hospitals, private practices and emergency department physician groups. AMS is not your typical medical billing and coding company. We offer unique practice organization solutions, like employee law expertise, to make your business run as smoothly as possible.

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