Benefits of Practice Management Solutions

Applied Medical Systems

Eliminate staffing costs and issuespractice management benefits

Why take on the overhead and management issues associated with maintaining a full office staff. Our experienced specialists turn your patient data into actionable knowledge, thus significantly and measurably improving your organization’s cash flow and providing many practice management benefits for you.

Applied Medical Services deploys a stable, senior level team that follows the account versus just processing it, and delivers unmatched customer satisfaction results and benefits. We provide complete bookkeeping, secure and up-to-date access to your records, immediate response to inquiries, and quick solutions. We take the pressure off of overwhelmed practice management staffs, so they can get back to running an efficient and pleasant medical office.

Mitigate your risk

Our staff possesses the latest certifications and has vast knowledge of government requirements. Our 25 years of experience guarantees that we can handle all the daily duties of your practice. Why not “Profit from our experience”? Instead of relying on inexperienced staff, let us help train your staff or take care of specific practice management procedures for you. Use our experience and know how to make sure you cover all of the bases.

Less Denials on Insurance Claims

Our billers and coders use the most advanced technology to assure correct billing and coding is implemented. By assuring more accurate billing and coding procedures, our staff helps practices experience fewer insurance claim denials. If a claim is denied our staff and its extensive experience in the claims appeal process will help to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Maximize profitability… through practice management benefits

We are experts in Medical Practice Management — we understand your specific business challenges and those you personally face. We excel at creating customized solutions, and are eager to take on smaller engagements that can make a big impact — Applied Medical Services solutions are cost effective and provide immediate and sustainable ROI.

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