Practice Expanding? Outsourced Medical Billing Can Help

by Applied Medical Systems

Expanding your medical business is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. As your patient load increases, your extra time dwindles away before your eyes. Before you know it you are burning the candle at both ends and find that your medical billing and medical coding are a disaster. Before you let this situation become a reality for you, consider outsourcing these services for the ultimate peace of mind while still having the ability to expand your medical business and become a pillar in the community.

How Outsourcing Helps

You went to school to be a physician, which means you are an expert in your field of medicine. But are you also an expert in the medical coding, billing, insurance and Human Resources department? Chances are that the answer is “no”, after all, we all have our own specialties. Even if you have a general understanding or even an expert understanding of how it all works, there are only a certain number of hours in each day. Do you want to spend extra hours finding qualified help and struggling when that qualified help is unavailable due to extenuating circumstances? Instead, you can rely on outsourced medical billing and coding services that employ many experts that make billing and coding their life, as you make treating your patients yours. This allows you to put your focus on the area of your practice that has the most meaning to you.

Technology is Essential

Does technology intimidate you? Unfortunately, it is a very large part of the medical billing world today; without it you could be losing out on thousands of dollars! Rather than investing in the programs and equipment that you do not know how to make heads or tails out of, you can hire the experts that already have the systems and processes in place and can start increasing your collections the minute you hire them.

Pesky Denials

Are denials taking over your desk? Those denials are a source of revenue that, if not handled in a timely manner, can become a source of lost revenue as well as increased cost. Finding a company that not only minimizes denials but also effortlessly handles them automatically and with ease is essential to your practice’s success. Applied Medical Systems has been caring for the health of practices for more than 30 years by providing billing, coding and practice management solutions to various healthcare specialties across the U.S.; including hospitals, private practices and emergency department physician groups. AMS isn’t your typical medical billing and coding company. We offer unique practice management solutions to make your business run as smoothly as possible. We use the latest technology and software available to help provide efficient claims with minimal denials. Your bottom line is our main focus. We have helped many practices become more economically efficient simply by helping to streamline their operations and increase their bottom line. Contact us today for a free consultation with our medical billing and coding experts.