Physician Billing Services and the Benefits for Optometrists

by Applied Medical Systems

Optometry has its own set of specifics that must be adhered to when it comes to charting and billing. If you risk hiring a billing service not specifically experienced with billing for optometry, your revenue cycle could be at risk. If dealing with delayed payments, denied claims and hours of resulting headaches, outsourcing your physician billing services to a company that understands the optometric field is beneficial as it can help to save you time, money and patient satisfaction. Optometry Physician Billing Services Understand the Difference  Optometry physician billing services understand the difference between routine and medical eye care visits and will bill accordingly. This helps to eliminate delayed or declined payments due to inappropriate coding. When there is a medical necessity for the visit, professional billers understand how to get the message across to ensure an approved claim, rather than dealing with the back and forth that is required when a claim is denied. Dealing with denied claims on a daily basis only serves to take time away from other billing processes, delaying the entire process and causing issues in your practice. Learning to Collect Co-Payments One way to alleviate many headaches is collecting insurance co-payments at the time of the visit. If your office staff is not trained in this practice, you could be adding unnecessary hours of paperwork and billing to your payroll. Physician billing services can help to train your staff on how to collect the co-payments at the time of the visit, allowing you to save time and money in the long run. Physician Billing Services Understand Insurance Companies Every insurance company has different requirements, especially in the optometry field. When you have experts that fully understand optometry coding and billing and the nuances of each insurance company, you can guarantee a much more fluid process, allowing you to collect payments on time and ensure patient satisfaction when it comes to billing for the balance of the billed amount. It also helps to eliminate any confusion on the part of your billing department or the patient, allowing you to save time and increase productivity in the office. Applied Medical Systems employs experts that understand optometry coding and all of its nuances. We are ready to handle each optometric claim with accuracy and ease, allowing you to focus on your practice. We have been providing physician billing services for the last 30 years and provide solutions that help optometric practices everywhere reach levels of immeasurable success.